A Kentucky Odyssey at VUE



46 Mule - VUE

Sweeten your August with a medley of delectable cocktails at VUE, amidst stunning views of Marina Bay and the Singapore skyline.


Look forward to a range of 5 exclusive cocktails, specially concocted with Maker's Mark 46, crafted by affixing ten seared French Oak staves into a barrel of fully matured Maker's Mark Whisky, resulting in a bolder and more complex whisky with intense flavours and deep, rich notes of vanilla and caramel for a smooth and subtle finish.


Unwind with delicious, handcrafted cocktails such as the refreshing 46 Mule, and other delightful creations, like the fruity Berries Melody, classic Rooftop Old Fashioned, tropical Peach Forest and more.


Available till end of October.