Epiphany Day with Galette des Rois



Epiphany Day with Galette des Rois

Start the new year by celebrating Epiphany Day with Galette Des Rois! Also known as King’s Cake, it is a puff pastry pie with a sweet filling of almond.


Traditionally celebrated in French households, every Galette Des Rois hides a little charm: in our case, a whole macadamia. As tradition goes, the lucky one to find this special fève gets to be royalty for a day.


Try this 700-year-old French tradition at VUE when you dine in or savour it at home. This sweet treat is now available for pre-order, as a whole cake. 


$158++ for a whole cake, to be sliced into 8. Pre-orders with 2 days in advance. 


Collection of cake from 6th to 9th January 2022